VBA Provides A Suite of Tools for Payers and TPAs Including a New Generative AI Product

VBA offers numerous portals to payers and their clients (which include doctors, patients, brokers, and more)—”one-stop shopping” for a large range of services. To ease the user experience with these services, the company has started using generative AI for training on their platform through a tool called VBA Assist.

At the HCAA conference, President and CEO Mike Clayton cites their mission to “make the health care experience better for everyone” and explains some of their services: 24/7 self-service for patients, real-time chat, notifications for picking up meds or scheduling visits, risk modeling and more.

They base these services on rich databases of provider and benefits information. Throughout all this data processing, Clayton tells staff always to think about the patient at the other end.

New investments in 2023 have allowed them to use an AWS cloud service that permits them to scale upward and therefore answer a claim in two and half minutes instead of 12 hours.

Watch the video for more insights about the use of APIs, Clayton’s concerns over data breaches, and more.

Learn more about VBA:

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