Smart Hospital Solutions from Artisight

Stephanie Lahr, MD, CHCIO and president of Artisight, envisions a future where every hospital room hosts a camera and speaker in order to support two-way video. Hospitals are using Artisight’s capabilities for remote support of nurses, but they are expanding to other disciplines as well.

When you leverage nurses at the bedside and others watching over video, each can focus on different aspects of care. The physically present nurse has more time to spend with the patient. Although this practice may seem like it requires more staff, Lahr says they’ve found that splitting the work saves time.

Virtual nurses can also mentor less experienced nurses and guide them through such measures as preventing pressure ulcers, which are very dangerous and very common among immobile patients lying in bed most of the day.

Results: One client reduced nursing turnover from 25% to 13% and saved millions of dollars in expenditures such as overtime. Artisight is collecting data that they expect will show increased patient satisfaction.

Watch this video to learn more about Artisight’s philosophy (“We’re bringing the joy back”), how they persuade patients to accept the technology, and opportunities for automating documentation and other processes.

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