Summer Camps for Preschoolers in Los Angeles

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Today, I took a brief pause from my ongoing projects to delve into the world of summer camps for preschoolers in Los Angeles, focusing on the west LA and Santa Monica areas. While I hadn’t planned on crafting a blog post about this initially, I found myself immersed in research this morning, as all moms do when they rabbit hole on a topic… Oh man, how research for your iid can spiral into an all-day thing! So I decided to share my findings with my fellow LA moms! And hopefully save someone some time…

Who is this post intended for? Primarily, it’s aimed at moms residing on the west side, including Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice, Mar Vista, Brentwood, Palisades, and the South Bay areas of LA. Yes, I know, you guys miss my recipes!! I’ve heard your DMs, lol. And this post is more niche than my usual food content, but I am still wanting to provide value wherever my head is at these days. And mom stuff is it!

But for anyone in a summer mood, I’ll also be offering some of my favorite summer activities for young kiddos. So scroll all the way down for that.

So whether you’re a seasoned LA mom or simply someone seeking valuable insights into summer activities for little ones, this post is for you. Let’s explore the diverse range of preschool-age summer camps available in Los Angeles – west side edition.

So Many Summer Camps!

Geez, this city has SO MANY camps. Summer Camps for Preschoolers and big kids alike. What a time to be alive, haha. Kids today! I mean, I think we had like one summer camp in our town. One for littles and then big kids did science nature camp or Junior Lifeguards. My mom never did let me do that one… I always wanted t!

Now before I get to the list, a recipe. Summer Strawberry Ice Cream. Make it this summer for a special sunny treat!

ice cream pink strawberry vegan

Here is my list. I have perused the web in search of nature-infused, fun-infused, creativity-rich camps. Day camps. Camps that actually take tiny kiddos who are still in preschool! And for me, that means age 3-4. Not an easy find since most camps like 4.5 and up. It’s all about the list so here we go…

Preschool-Age Summer Camps in Los Angeles List:

  1. Tumbleweed
  2. Fitness by the Sea
  3. Little Kitchen Academy
  4. YADA – musical theater camp
  5. Sandy Days Kids Camp
  6. Steve and Kate’s Camp
  7. Galileo
  8. Ecole Claire Fontaine
  9. Perfect Day Surf Camp
  10. Bananas summer Camp
  11. Big and Tiny Summer Camp
  12. Hawks LA
  13. Aloha Beach Camp
  14. iVerbe
  15. Santa Monica Playhouse Create-a-Play
  16. SoFlyKids
  17. Michelle’s Dance Academy Summer Camp

My Camp Reviews

Before I dive into the details that my research yielded, I want to share with you the few reviews that I can actually offer at this point in my parenting journey! So out of all these camps, I have experienced two so far… And can totally vouch for them! So number none, Little Kitchen Academy. LOVED it. It’s definitely an indoor, focused activity style camp. And it is only three hours, so not full day child care. But if your kid is interested in food, ingredients, being a leader in the kitchen, independence and learning a set of new skills, this camp is amazing! I will definitely be sending Rosalie to “cooking camp” again.

Next up, I can vouch for SoFly. We have done a variety of programs there and they really are a well-run machine for kiddos.

As for our summer camp plans, well we have signed up for another camp on this list and I will be sure to update you when it is finished! Please leave any comments if you have tried any of these!

Details of these Preschool-Age Summer Camps in Los Angeles finds, for your little one!..

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photo by Heather Leven

Summer Camp List for Younger Kiddos in LA:

Little fun fact, this list was 100% researched by me. No AI used! I feel like that is so important to note these days. But I asked around, researched using fave websites and of course, good old Google for some guidance. These camps all look amazing and with a bit more research and maybe a friend to join up too, I would feel excited to send my kiddo to any of these! What do you think? Does anything look amazing to you? What have you tried for summer camp that works well?

The list..

1 – Tumbleweed
Description: Tumbleweed offers a range of outdoor activities including hiking, nature exploration, and team-building exercises to foster confidence and connection with nature. This camp looks absolutely amazing, but it seems to fill up very fast, so get in early! Transportation of buses available.
Instagram: @tumbleweedcamp

2 – Fitness by the Sea
Description: Fitness by the Sea provides a beachside camp experience! Activities such as surfing, swimming, and beach sports. Fitness and outdoor fun vibe. But again, get in early for spaces.
Instagram: @fitnessbythesea

3 – Little Kitchen Academy
Description: Little Kitchen Academy offers hands-on cooking classes for children, teaching culinary skills, nutrition, and fostering independence in the kitchen. Kids cook healthy recipes and learn about kitchen tools and safety and ingredients.
Instagram: @littlekitchenacademy

4 – YADA
Description: YADA (Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts) provides theater camps where kids can explore acting, singing, and dancing, boosting creativity and confidence on stage. Basically, it looks like one big dance party sesh with an end goal. Can I sign up?? I mean, that Swiftie week is calling my name.
Instagram: @yadakids

5 – Sandy Days Kids Camp
Description: Sandy Days Kids Camp offers a beach-themed camp experience with sandcastle building, beach games, and water activities, fostering creativity and outdoor play.
Instagram: @sandydayskidscamp

6 – Steve and Kate’s Camp
Description: Steve and Kate’s Camp offers a flexible day camp with a wide range of activities including arts, sports, and STEM, allowing kids to choose their own adventures.
Instagram: @steveandkatescamp

7 – Galileo
Description: Galileo offers innovative STEAM-based camps where kids can explore science, engineering, art, and design through hands-on projects and activities.
Instagram: @galileocamps

8 – Ecole Claire Fontaine
Description: Ecole Claire Fontaine provides a French immersion summer camp with language lessons, cultural activities, and creative arts, fostering bilingualism and cultural awareness.
Instagram: @ecoleclairefontaine

9 – Perfect Day Surf Camp
Description: Perfect Day Surf Camp offers surfing lessons and ocean safety instruction for kids of all skill levels, promoting water confidence and beach enjoyment.
Instagram: @perfectdaysurfcamp

Keeping it going.. More Summer Camps for Preschoolers in Los Angeles:

10 – Bananas Summer Camp
Description: Bananas Summer Camp offers a diverse range of activities including sports, arts, and outdoor adventures, providing a well-rounded summer experience for kids.
Instagram: @bananasummercamp

11 – Big and Tiny Summer Camp
Description: Big and Tiny Summer Camp offers a blend of educational and recreational activities including art, music, and mindfulness, nurturing creativity and social skills.
Instagram: @bigandtiny_

12 – Hawks LA
Description: Hawks LA provides basketball camps focusing on skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship, offering coaching for young athletes to improve their game.
Instagram: @hawksla

13 – Aloha Beach Camp
Description: Aloha Beach Camp offers a beach-centric camp experience with surfing, paddleboarding, and beach games, promoting water safety and coastal appreciation.
Instagram: @alohabeachcamp

14 – iVerbe
Description: iVerbe offers French-language immersion camps with cultural activities, sports, and outdoor adventures, providing a dynamic and enriching summer experience.
Instagram: @iverbecamps

15 – Santa Monica Playhouse Create-a-Play
Description: Santa Monica Playhouse Create-a-Play offers theater camps where kids can write, rehearse, and perform their own plays, fostering creativity and collaboration.
Instagram: @santamonicaplayhouse

16 – SoFlyKids
Description: SoFlyKids offers aerial arts camps where kids can learn circus skills such as aerial silks, trapeze, and hoop, promoting strength, flexibility, and artistic expression.
Website: Instagram: @soflykids

17 – Michelle’s Dance Academy Summer Camp
Description: Our 2024 Summer Camps offer a fun mix  of different dance styles, creative movement, and Arts& Crafts. We divide students into groups, according to age. At the end of each week, we will have a mini, in studio performance for parents. Students will learn dance styles of Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Tumbling. Arts and crafts too.
Instagram: @michelledanceacademy

And a little bonus for anyone who may NOT be doing a camp for summer – or just for those camp-free summer days. My absolute fave ways to spend the summer break with my daughter…

lake tahoe on the rocks

My 5 Fave Summer Activities for Preschool Kiddos

1 – Garden Party

This one is so easy. We head to a local garden store, buy some seasonal flowers and head back home to plant them, water them, play in some sprinklers, break out the bubble machine, eat popsicles and maybe do some art or backyard sports. This is the classic at-home summer day, and I just adore it! Bonus points if you want to bring along your kiddo’s bestie or neighborhood friends. But honestly, some of my fave days are when it’s just the two of us.

2 – Beach Day (Or Lake Day!)

Getting out by the water is always a treat. In LA, it’s the beach that calls me! But if you live inland, a lake or stream or anything that bubbles and mists would work. Heck, you could easily replace the beach with a pool or local splash pad! Just get some sun and water on in your face and watch the giggles roll in.

3 – Field Trip!

Do some research on the popular kiddo spots in your town. Maybe a kids museum or botanical garden or even a science center or mal rescue or education center and head out on the road to visit it!

4 – Farm Day or Farmer’s Market Day

I love visiting a farm in the summertime! Pick strawberries or watermelon or other blossoming goodies! You could also visit a farmer’s market. Every fruit-loving kiddo will have a blast loading up on all the colors of the rainbow!

5 – Lazy Day + Fun Night

So this is a personal fave. Some days we will just stay home and do pretty much nothing but play, eat and have zero schedule. Stay in your PJs kind of day. Then as the sun sets we will finally venture out on the town! Well for a few hours anyways, we can’t push bedtime back too much!

So nighttime activities may be going out to dinner, visiting a theme park at night, a nighttime scooter session in a safe neighborhood, a movie at the theater or even just driving to a fave spot for ice cream and eating it outside under the moon and stars! Oh, and we love Griffith Observatory too. Space kiddo all the way.

So there you have it. Just a bit of info from my day’s worth of personal research on the topic of Preschool-Age Summer Camps in Los Angeles. I hope you loved reading about these amazing camps and a few tips from me. Summer is just around the corner, can’t wait! Happy spring, for now!

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