Revolutionizing Healthcare: CareCloud’s Generative AI solutions Showcased at HIMSS 2024

According to Adeel Sarwar, Chief Technology Officer at CareCloud, doctors spend at least 20% of their clinical work time on administration. In this video interview, Sarwar and A. Hadi Chaudhry, Chief Executive Officer and President at CareCloud, talk about their use of AI, and now generative AI, to relieve doctors of this burden and achieve more face-to-face time with patients.

For nearly 25 years, CareCloud has offered a comprehensive health care platform combining practice management, remote patient monitoring, patient engagement, business intelligence, and preventive care. Using the enormous amounts of data gathered over this time, serving more than 40,000 providers, CareCloud can train accurate AI models for clinical and financial uses.

Chaudhry points out that their data is more precise for health care use than generic companies that provide AI models.  CareCloud’s AI Model is more accurate for ambulatory practices because that’s the focus of their data and training whereas many AI companies in this space are training their models based on health system data. CareCloud also handles patient privacy carefully.

The company offers two main services. One is a “clinical digital assistant”, they call Cirrus AI, that mines the patient data to suggest possible conditions, and what tests or medications to prescribe. The other practices ambient voice recognition to create patient notes and put data into fields of the EHR. These services are particularly valuable in identifying the presence of rare diseases.

Watch the video for more insights on the needs of the health care industry and future applications of generative AI.

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