Steve From “Blue’s Clues” Said That He Watched “Quiet On Set” With “Horror And Heartbreak” After He Checked In On “The Kids He Raised” Amid The “Unfathomably Painful” Allegations

This article mentions allegations of child sexual assault.

Last month, millennials everywhere were left feeling pretty emotional when former Blue’s Clues host Steve Burns took it upon himself to check in with followers after the release of Investigation Disovery’s unsettling docuseries Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV.

For context, Blue’s Clues premiered in 1996 and follows Blue, an animated dog who has left clues for her friends to find. Steve was the human face of the show until he left in 2002 “to go to college,” with Donovan Patton replacing him as host for the rest of Blue’s Clues’ original run.

And just days after Quiet On Set’s premiere, Steve took to his relatively inactive TikTok page to share a poignant video with his 1.8 million followers, which simply asked how they were doing.

Looking directly into the camera, Steve gently said: “Hey, I’m checking in. Tell me, what’s going on?”

He then sat in silence for almost a minute, giving his followers a safe space to offload their feelings while he “listened” attentively. This mirrored how Steve hosted Blue’s Clues, as he always paused to give young viewers time to answer his questions. 

Despite having an impressive TikTok following, Steve’s account, which he launched in 2021, has just 31 uploads. Because of how rarely he posts videos, fans couldn’t help but think that he shared this particular one because of the revelations on Quiet On Set.

One popular comment on the post reads: “I feel like he knew that the Nickelodeon fans needed this after the documentary came out. And this is the best response: How are you? Are you okay?”

“They need you. The kids who are grown now who watched Nickelodeon,” somebody else wrote. “Thanks for being here.”

Another person tweeted at the time: “steve really realizes that sometimes only he can check in on the kids he raised. it’s something.”

While Steve has not confirmed whether Quiet On Set’s release inspired the timing of his post, he did share his thoughts on the docuseries in a new interview with Today.