After Dwayne Johnson Spoke Out, Emily Blunt Has Denied She’s The Mystery Actor Who “Screamed” At Rebecca Ferguson On A Movie Set

In case you’re in need of some context, Rebecca — who is currently promoting Dune: Part Two — revealed in an interview on Tuesday that she once refused to work with an “absolute idiot of a costar” after they publicly berated her on set.

Ultimately, the abuse became too much for Rebecca to bear and she informed the film’s producers that she could no longer work with the actor.

As you may have guessed, Rebecca did not name the costar, nor did she reveal the name of the film they were working on.

And so, with Tom and Hugh out of the equation, people online have taken it upon themselves to speculate as to who the costar may have been — prompting a number of Rebecca’s former costars to defend themselves.

The first actor to eliminate themselves from the search was Dwayne Johnson, who spoke out in Rebecca’s defense and recalled the fun they had working together on the Hercules film in 2014.

Following suit, Emily Blunt became the second costar to clear her name after she and Rebecca worked together on the 2016 thriller, The Girl On The Train.

Meanwhile, people have attempted to narrow down the list of potential culprits themselves by unearthing videos of Rebbeca seemingly enjoying the company of previous costars such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Ewan McGregor.