Jennifer Lopez Finally Addressed The Doom And Gloom Face Ben Affleck Always Seems To Have When He’s With Her — Here’s What She Said

It’s no secret — Ben Affleck has one heck of a ~resting unhappy face~:

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And among the many faces of Ben, they are more than just a little unhappy — many times, he looks pretty peeved, like the time he abruptly slammed the door for JLo (but his anger could also be directed at the constant paparazzi).

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And in nearly every photo he’s caught in with Jen, he always looks like a not-so-happy camper.

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Case in point:

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Anyway, Ben knows about his faces and he has addressed it. Last year, he told Jimmy Kimmel that his sad face — dubbed Sad Affleck by the internet — is a common misconception about him because he’s not really sad. “That’s how God made me. You don’t have to punish me for it,” he told Jimmy.

Well, Sunday at the Golden Globes, a reporter from Entertainment Tonight addressed JLo directly, asking, “Why are people always worried about what face Ben has on?”

To which JLo hastily responded, “Ben is doing alright! Let me just tell you, you do not need to worry about Ben. He is good. He is happy. He is here. He is nominated. He’s like, ‘I’m chillin.’ I don’t understand what people are pressed for.”

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From JLo’s lips to your ears: HE IS ALRIGHT. A little sad looking, but alright.

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Of course, we love a good convo in the comments. Like from people who still need to hear that Ben is fine directly from Ben.

And people who think he got into character for his movie Gone Girl and never came out of it.

But even if Ben wasn’t fine, I highly doubt JLo would disclose that — especially at the Golden Globes.

Either way, a lot of people have resting Ben face.

So let the man live!

Great answer JLo, we believe you Bennifer!!!

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