17 Body-Shaming Celebrity Interviews That Have Aged Really, Really, REALLY Poorly


When Howard Stern tried to get Anna Nicole Smith to step on a scale (and tried to bribe her by saying he’d show her his penis):

the two go back and forth as he continues to pressure her onto a scale



And when Stern also shamed Carnie Wilson over her weight just weeks after her gastric bypass surgery, repeatedly telling her that she should lose 20–30 more pounds and questioning her about what she ate, telling her she could “knock off the cheese” and essentially saying getting surgery was lazy.

she's posing in a dark pants outfit for the billboards music awards

Steve Granitz / WireImage via Getty Images


When Oprah asked Mary-Kate and Ashley what size they were, while referencing rumors of Ashley’s eating disorder.

the girls answering that they're just petite when oprah keeps questioning them



When Diane Sawyer questioned Whitney Houston on her weight, as well as if she had an eating disorder or was using drugs.

diane pushing whitney to tell her why she's so scary thin


And then Sawyer asked Houston how much she weighed.

whitney answers, i ain't telling you



When Barbara Walters asked Elizabeth Taylor if she was worried about gaining weight.

elizabeth saying she enjoys cooking and eating and she doesn't care if she's fat because she's happy



When Barbara Walters asked Brooke Shields her measurements and made her stand up next to her when Shields was only 15, in an interview Shields has since called “practically criminal” and “not journalism.”

Brooke Shields standing up next to barbara


And when she made Dolly Parton stand up to show off her body, then asked for her measurements…

dolly standing up and then saying she always tells people she weighs 120


…Also asking if she’d had breast implants and if she was full-figured as a kid.

dolly joking back after being asked the insensitive question



When Nicole Richie was asked about appearing “thicker” on The Simple Life.

closeup of nicole as the interviewer off camera is asking her about her body


And in 2004, when Howard Stern also commented on Nicole Richie’s weight, discussing her photoshoot for Stuff Magazine and asking if she dieted for the shoot, saying it looked like she’d lost weight and looked good. Richie replied that she was eating healthy and working out. Stern then noted that “it’s hard too because Paris Hilton’s so goddamn skinny, even if you diet down and stuff, standing next to her, she’s like a twig … no matter how thin you get, you’ll be the big one.”

James Devaney / WireImage via Getty Images, Jean-paul Aussenard / WireImage via Getty Images


Richie again appeared on the Stern radio show in 2005, when he actually tricked Richie into stepping on a hidden scale (before laughing about trying to play the same trick on Nicole Smith, while cow noises play in the background). He then asked Richie, “You’re not gonna gain the weight back, are you?”

closeup of nicole

J. Emilio Flores / Getty Images


When British presenter Chris Evans weighed former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell on camera…

geri standing up while saying, i don't believe in weighing yourself, i think it's traumatic

Channel 4


…And did the same to Victoria Beckham on TFI Friday, checking to make sure she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight…

victoria saying this is horrible as he gets her to stand and walk towards the scale

Channel 4


…AND basically called Emma Bunton the “least fittest” of the Spice Girls.

he keeps talking about her body after she says it's all relative

Channel 4


When an interviewer asked Jonah Hill if he was still “the fat guy in Hollywood.”

jonah answering back, do you have any other questions that are smart


When Anne Hathaway was asked how much weight she lost to fit in the Catwoman costume when she was promoting an entirely different film.

anne in shock saying, you did not just ask me that


And finally, when she was repeatedly asked about her diet and body for The Dark Knight Rises, in what was at least an interview for the film.

she responds, what's the deal man are you trying to fit into a catsuit, are you trying to lose weight

What’s the worst example of an interviewer body shaming a celeb or asking inappropriate questions that you can remember? Let us know in the comments!