Healthy Together Acquires Kinsa Health to Build AI Illness Forecasting & Expand into New Markets

Healthy Together, a leading health technology company specializing in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for State-level Health & Human Services programs, is excited to announce the successful acquisition of Kinsa Health, a powerful and robust AI platform that provides predictive insights for pharmaceutical companies, retailers, illness product companies, public health agencies, hospital systems, and communities.

The acquisition advances Healthy Together’s mission to improve collective health and make government and enterprises more efficient. By integrating Kinsa’s AI illness forecasting engine into Healthy Together’s SaaS platform, Healthy Together is poised to revolutionize population health management, ensuring better outcomes and faster and more effective interventions.

Kinsa’s innovative approach to early warning and predictive analytics complements Healthy Together’s commitment to leverage technology for the greater good. The synergy between the two companies will empower pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, Medicaid agencies, insurance companies, and public health departments with AI-driven tools to proactively respond to and address illness. Early detection supports rapid interventions throughout the public and private healthcare ecosystem.

“This acquisition represents a significant investment in AI to expand the Kinsa service and predictive model. By combining Kinsa’s AI illness forecasting with our robust SaaS solutions, we can create and support a more resilient and responsive public and private health infrastructure. We’re excited to have key Kinsa team members join the Healthy Together family, further strengthening our capabilities and efforts to bring the Healthy Together platform to Kinsa’s customer base.” said Jared Allgood, President at Healthy Together.

Kinsa customers like CVS, Clorox, Mucinex, Proctor & Gamble, and others have utilized real-time and AI forecasted data to predict up to 8 weeks out where illness is on the rise and where demand for doctor visits, vaccines, and medicines will surge. The AI model empowers organizations to allocate resources effectively, ensuring people have access to the illness products, vaccines, and remedies they need when they are sick.

Working with a customer in the Washington D.C. area alone, Kinsa identified $69M of increased illness-based demand 4 weeks before it happened, which prevented stock-outs across the region.

“I am grateful that Kinsa has found a home with Healthy Together and that our customers – millions of households across the country that use the Kinsa thermometer and app to help keep their families healthy, and numerous organizations that have used Kinsa Insights to predict where and when infectious illness will affect Americans, including health systems, public health agencies, major OTC medicines makers, and retailers – will be able to benefit from Kinsa’s unique technology and products in the future.” said Inder Singh, Founder of Kinsa Health.

The Kinsa Insights AI platform is powered by over 3 million “smart” thermometers already in use and available for purchase through retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Amazon, Best Buy, and more. Both the Kinsa QuickScan (non-contact thermometer) and Kinsa QuickCare (stick thermometer) devices link to a mobile app to provide individuals with accurate temperature readings, symptom tracking, and real-time health recommendations.

This acquisition reinforces Healthy Together’s commitment to driving positive change in public health outcomes.

About Healthy Together

Healthy Together is a health technology company that builds SaaS technology for government, education, and enterprise. Their technology is used for disease surveillance, behavioral health management, and benefit enrollment for programs like Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and WIC. Healthy Together’s mobile application has reached #1 in the App Store Health & Fitness category and has over 225k reviews on the App Store and Play Store with a 4.9/5 star rating.

To learn more about Healthy Together’s solutions, visit

About Kinsa

Kinsa is a powerful and robust early warning and predictive system that provides real-time insights for entire communities to be equipped to stop the spread of infectious illness. With a focus on leveraging technology for public health, Kinsa’s solutions have been at the forefront of early detection and proactive management of infectious diseases.

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Originally announced March 5th, 2024

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