Health IT Predictions for 2024 (on Video)

Over the past several weeks, the team here at Healthcare IT Today has been gathering Health IT predictions for 2024. Here is a short video with our favorite video predictions that we captured.

Here are the predictions in order of appearance.

Heidi Gerner, Chief Operating Officer at OSIS predicts that although AI may dominate the discussion again in 2024, healthcare organizations will also be discussing the UDS+ regulator changes.

Brad Justus, Director of Sales at CodaMetrix believes that in 2024 AI will finally move from hype to reality.

Josh Patrick, Director of Sales at Redrick Technologies foresees growing momentum for hybrid reading environments in radiology this year.

Josephine Carson, Sr. Manager Customer Support at Intelligent Medical Objects predicts that AI and NLP will become table stakes for digital health companies in 2024.

Albert Norweb, Chief Growth Officer at Surgimate feels that more operations will be going to ambulatory surgery centers because of Ozempic.

Ryan Burnett, Product Manager at Luma Health expects that AI will have a significant impact on patient-physician interactions in 2024.

All of this year’s 2024 health IT predictions (updated as they’re shared):

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