Women’s Health in the Digital Health Market: What 2024 Has in Store

The following is a guest article by Egle Jakimone, Product CEO at Kilo Health

In 2024, we are expecting to witness a significant change in women’s health, particularly centered around the transformative phase of menopause. The notable growth of female wellness apps is helping women to take an active role in managing their health. Additionally, the increased attention to women’s health topics is drawing interest from global players and investors.

As a lead of a holistic health product tailored to women, I have gathered some insights into what to expect from 2024 and how to come prepared.

Embracing the Menopause Boom in 2024

A significant part of the shift in women’s health is the impressive growth in the menopause market, expected to reach $24.4 billion by 2030, up from $15.4 billion in 2021. Why does this matter? Well, nearly 20% of the U.S. workforce, roughly 27 million women, are grappling with menopause challenges. Surprisingly, 40% say these symptoms make it harder for women to perform at work, and nearly one in five are considering leaving their jobs because of it.

Workplaces are starting to acknowledge menopause issues, such as European companies having certain policies. Over in Australia, unions are advocating for employers to offer menstrual and menopause leave. Investors are catching on, realizing that only 7% of femtech startups are shining a light on menopause.

Looking forward, 2024 is shaping up to be promising, with a bunch of investments flowing in, developing new solutions for women going through the menopause journey.

More and more women are breaking the silence about menopause, which has over 30 symptoms causing challenges in daily life. Finally, it’s becoming a topic of broader discussion in society, not just talked about in exclusive clubs or, worse, silently endured.

This is why businesses should increase their focus on providing solutions for women experiencing menopause, as it seems to become a promising field in 2024.

Simple Personalization is Not Enough Anymore

We have personalized nutrition and personalized medicine, and now we’re diving into more personalization in women’s health solutions, especially tailored to a woman’s menstrual cycle. It’s not just about dealing with periods; it’s about giving women insights and tools to manage their health across various life and cycle stages.

The digital women’s health market, covering fertility, prenatal care, postpartum support, gynecological solutions, and menopause management, is evolving. A key trend is the integration of these segments, recognizing their interconnected nature in addressing diverse health needs throughout different life stages. Think of it like getting customized workout recommendations based on where you are in your cycle.

Beyond physical well-being, there’s a growing emphasis on the connection between physical and mental health. In 2024, women’s health solutions will prioritize holistic approaches, acknowledging how physical well-being significantly impacts mental health. This comprehensive perspective is set to reshape the landscape, recognizing women’s health as a multifaceted journey requiring integrated support.

All in all, as we enter 2024, expect significant developments in women’s health, addressing critical issues such as menopause, personalization, and the seamless integration of digital technologies to enhance overall well-being across diverse life stages.

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