Discern Health Ties Interventions to Patient Improvements

Paulo Pinho, MD, Chief Medical and Strategy Officer at Discern Health, highlighted to us that analytics have to be explainable to be trusted. It’s not enough to show a correlation, but to demonstrate that the clinical intervention was responsible for the improved patient outcome. Patients as well as clinicians demand explainability (also known as transparency and accountability).

Ben Hsieh, Vice President of Product, says that Discern Health works with payers, providers, and Health Information Exchanges (HIE). Their service concentrates currently on care management for value-based care.

Pinho would also like Discern Health’s analytics to help patients; families, decreasing their financial, physical, and emotional burdens.

One of the strengths they cite for Discern Health is the large number of doctors and nurses on their staff, providing clinical validation. They also point out that models be retuned for each population, given the great heterogeneity of patients in different clinical systems. Hsieh said they are dedicated to fitting into their clients’ current workflows.

View the video with Discern Health for details about interoperability, making data work for patient improvement, and more.

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