A Look at a Number of Innovations at HIMSS 2024

At HIMSS 2024, we got a chance to sit down with a number of amazing individuals and companies who were doing great things.  I think we did close to 90 videos at the conference, so be sure to subscribe to Healthcare IT Today, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter/X, Instagram, or TikTok, and Subscribe to Healthcare IT Today on YouTube to get all the latest information.  We wanted to highlight a number of the short videos we recorded that talked about some of the great innovations that were happening at HIMSS 2024.

First up is Ginny Torno, Executive Director, Innovation and IT Clinical Systems at Houston Methodist who shared with us how they’re implementing digital whiteboard technology from eVideon, a bio button the size of a quarter, and video visits in their smart hospital rooms.  Plus, she also offers some advice for other hospitals considering similar smart hospital room technology.

Next up is Ophir Shahaf, Partner at eHealth Ventures who came to HIMSS 24 all the way from Israel.  Shahaf shares how he thinks AI will change healthcare and whether physicians will become irrelevant.  Plus, he talks about how Israeli companies are bridging the gap to the US markets with innovative business models.

If you’re interested in healthcare data, then you’ll enjoy this short video we did with Jacob Dodd, Lead Data Scientist at Discern Health.  Dodd highlights the advancements in NLP that have been made that enable companies like Discern Health to extract intelligence that supports their predictive models.  Plus, he also shares how they approach data privacy and security when it comes to all this data they use.

Jacob Dodd, Lead Data Scientist at @DiscernHealth on the advancements in natural language processing and how it’s enabling them to extract incredible intelligence and insights into their models for at-risk older adults. #HIMSS24 #NLP

— Colin Hung (@Colin_Hung) March 18, 2024

One of the recurring challenges facing healthcare is how to more effectively connect care teams with their patients.  In the video below we talk with Michelle Zancan, RN, BSN. Senior Clinical Analyst and Samia Warsame, Program Coordinator at Zane Networks about ways they’re working to support care coordination.  Plus, they share a number of successful projects they’ve been working on in this area including providing care coordination beyond clinical providers and their patients to human service providers.

With another look at smart room technology, we talked with Erika Braun, MFA, Advisor, User Experience/Product Design and Tom Gutman, MBA, Advisor, Sr. Creative Technologist at OhioHealth.  They recently opened a brand-new hospital and have the first hospital in central Ohio to offer smart room technology in the patient rooms including technology from eVideon.  They also share how this technology has impacted areas such as clinical efficiency or patient experience.  Plus, they offer advice to other healthcare organizations looking to implement smart hospital rooms.

Next up is Steve Linowes, US General Manager at Agamon Health who shares how care gaps are impacting health systems and their patients and why this is such a significant challenge in healthcare.  Linowes then shares how technology can be used to address these care gaps in a thoughtful way.

Let’s talk about care gaps.

Steve Linowes shares why this is such a complex issue and what technology is able to address it. Check it out. 👇@AgamonHealth #HIMSS24

— John Lynn (@techguy) March 18, 2024

Finally, we have a great video with Rajan Kohli, CEO of CitiusTech who shares about CitiusTech’s Generative AI Quality & Trust Solution.  Every healthcare organization is looking at generative AI.  Kohli shares how their solution helps healthcare organizations adopt and scale GenAI proofs of concepts and how this will address some of the challenges that healthcare organizations face rolling out GenAI in their organization.

That’s a quick look at a number of innovative solutions we saw at the HIMSS 2024 annual conference.  We’ll be sharing many more on our social accounts and in longer video interviews here at Healthcare IT Today.

What innovations did you find at HIMSS 2024 or see mentioned online?  We’d love to hear what companies, technology, and solutions you’re watching and implementing in the comments of this article or on social media.

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