CoachCare Acquires Verustat

Fourth Acquisition Bolsters Remote Patient Monitoring Company’s Presence in Primary Care and Cardiology

CoachCare, a leading remote patient monitoring (RPM) and virtual health company, has acquired Nashville, Tennessee-based RPM company Verustat, for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition represents CoachCare’s fourth acquisition in 12 months.

Founded in 2020, Verustat brings a valuable roster of RPM clients focused on primary care and cardiology. This adds to CoachCare’s leadership position by supporting the most prevalent chronic conditions, such as hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.

One of the fastest growing digital health offerings, by 2027 the worldwide RPM market could grow from $53.6B to $175.2B – driven by factors like the growing senior population and increased prevalence of chronic conditions.

“We have gotten to know the Verustat team over the past year and their approach to remote care aligns well with CoachCare. We are pleased to welcome their clients and staff to CoachCare and to continue growing our best-in-class remote care platform,” said Wes Haydon, Co-Founder and President at CoachCare.

This acquisition adds thousands of patients to CoachCare’s growing remote patient monitoring and care management platform. In addition, Verustat’s methods have proven results in hypertension making it one of the only RPM companies to publish its results in a peer-reviewed journal.

Verustat was advised by pH Partners and Hughey Business Law. CoachCare was advised by Whitman Breed Abbott & Morgan.

About CoachCare

CoachCare, a New York-based remote patient monitoring and virtual health company, moves healthcare providers beyond technology to a complete remote care solution addressing many healthcare specialties. Its comprehensive offering, including remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, principal care management, and behavioral health integration drives improved patient outcomes and increased provider revenue. More than 150,000 patients and hundreds of healthcare organizations benefit from CoachCare’s solution.

About Verustat

Verustat is a health tech company that aids physicians in implementing care plans and tracking vital patient measurements at home to help improve patient outcomes. Unlike more RPM and CCM providers who only provide software and hardware, Verustat has a highly trained team of clinical staff and care coordinators who provide tens of thousands of live phone calls to patients nationally each month on behalf of health systems, accountable care organizations, and independent physician groups. As a result, the company has one of the highest compliance rates among its patient populations in the RPM industry.

Originally announced December 18th, 2023

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