CIO Podcast – Episode 68: Health IT and Leadership with 2024 CHIME CIO of the Year Shafiq Rab

For the 68th episode of the CIO podcast hosted by Healthcare IT Today, we are talking to Shafiq Rab, MD, Chief Digital Officer, System CIO and EVP at Tufts Medicine, who just recently won 2024 CHIME CIO of the Year! As the CIO of the Year, we are very excited to pick his brain on health IT and leadership, so we kick this episode off by asking Rab what his health IT top 3 are and why. Then we discuss a time Rab failed and what he was able to learn from it. Next, we get into the award of 2024 CHIME CIO of the Year and how it felt to be honored with this incredible achievement. We then move on to discussing the ongoing projects Rab is working on that will have the most impact 10 years from now. Finally, to wrap everything up Rab shares what it takes to be a great healthcare CIO leader and passes along advice to anyone aspiring to be the next CIO of the Year.

Here’s a look at the questions and topics we discuss in this episode:

  • What are the top 3 things happening in health it right now that excite you the most? Why?
  • When was a time that you failed and what did you learn from it?
  • How did it feel to be honored as the 2024 CHIME CIO of the Year?
  • What projects are you working on now that you think will have the most impact 10 years from now?
  • What does it take to be a great healthcare CIO leader?
  • What advice would you give a fellow CIO or aspiring CIO who wants to be the next CIO of the Year?

Now, without further ado, we’re excited to share with you the next episode of the CIO Podcast by Healthcare IT Today.

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