Amazon Web Services (AWS) Helps Clinicians Work at the Top of Their Licenses

One could say that launched the modern computing era when it released Amazon Web Services more than 17 years ago. In this video, we learn about the company’s focus on health care during the past nine years from Dr. Angela A. Shippy, Amazon Web Services’ Clinical Innovation Lead for Healthcare and Senior Physician Executive at the AWS re:Invent conference.

Complex analytics, such as machine learning, require a lot of compute resources. Shippy points out that once you go into the cloud, you have these “tools at your fingerprints.” She says that some clinical sites use predictive analytics on AWS to determine what staff and supplies they need at each shift.

The recent advances in generative AI are being use in research for scientific discovery, by providers to summarize notes and large clinical charts, and even to help patients receive personalized care.

Shippy also reassures viewers that they can get HIPAA-compliant cloud repositories and that “we walk them through” how to create a secure network.

She also believes that everybody, urban and rural, can use the cloud, and that AWS tries to “make sure they have the resources” to do so.

Watch the video for specific uses of predictive analytics and more detail about health care data in the cloud.

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