Zuckerberg says Meta training next generation of AI models

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday that the company is training its next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) models and hopes to make it accessible to everyone through products such as AI smart glasses.

“Today I’m bringing Meta’s two AI research efforts closer together to support our long-term goals, building general intelligence, open sourcing it responsibly, and making it available and useful to everyone in all of our daily lives,” Zuckerberg said in a video posted to his Instagram account.

The CEO said Meta is bringing together its two efforts, FAIR and GenAI, to support its newest model, Llama 3. Zuckerberg said the company is building a massive infrastructure, including 350k H100 GPUs, graphics processing units, by the end of 2024.

The company will have about 600,000 total GPUs by the end of the year, he said.

The CEO said “it’s become clearer” that the next generation of AI needs “full general intelligence” that will be assistants for creators, businesses and more.

AGI, or artificial general intelligence, which Zuckerberg is promising, has goals of creating AI that can problem solve and rationalize on the same level as humans, The Verge reported.

Meta is working on “responsibly and safely” advancing AI’s abilities “from reasoning, to planning to coding to memory and other cognitive abilities.”

“This technology is so important, and the opportunities are so great that we should open source and make it as widely available as we responsibly can so that everyone can benefit,” he said.

Part of Meta’s plan is to bring products into the AI world. Zuckerberg said he thinks “over time” many people will talk to AI throughout the day and will do that through wearing AI glasses, or AI-centric computing devices like Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, of which, he said “lots more to come soon.”

“These glasses are the ideal form factor for letting an AI see what you see and hear what you hear,” he said. “So it’s always available to help out.”

“Ray Ban Meta AI are already off to a very strong start and overall, across all this stuff, we’re just getting started everyone,” Zuckerberg concluded.

Meta launched an AI rival in July to the widely popular ChatGPT tool. The large language AI model is in partnership with Microsoft and is available through Amazon Web Services, Hugging Face and other providers, The Hill previously reported.

In October, President Biden issued a sweeping executive order on AI, focused on managing the risks of the emerging and rapidly developing technology.