Withings Scales Put Data Daily at the Center of Patient Engagement

Few people want to think about their health all the time, but many of us step on a scale every morning. Antoine Robiliard, vice president of Withings Health Solutions, explores the tensions of this interaction and the potential for making positive changes in patient lives in this video.

Withings’s scales measure much more than weight: some can also report BMI, body composition, and electrochemical skin conductance, which helps diagnose the neuropathies and foot ulcers that are common in people with diabetes. The Body Pro includes a cellular connection so that it can be used by people who lack WiFi connections and mobile phones. And the new Body Pro 2 connects the patient with their health care provider, offering the provider means to understand the patient better and engage with them to improve health.  The Body Pro 2 has a diabetes module, and more modules are expected to cover other health conditions.

Robiliard says that Withings devices help health care providers integrate data into their daily workflows so that they can take care of patients better. Withings wants to “find our way into their daily routine.” The impact can be widespread, because only 16% of people with diabetes get their annual foot exam, but the scale can identify problems with their feet early.

Almost all of their new devices are regulated by the FDA as medical devices. Withings has demonstrated that their measurements are as accurate as those taken in the clinic or hospital. But Robiliard says that need more studies to demonstrate ultimate impact on the patient. “Doctors need reassurance,” he says.

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