Former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on April 2, 2024.


Lawyers for Donald Trump have filed another appeal in the hush money case to challenge the trial’s judge’s order denying him from arguing he has presidential immunity.

Trump’s attorneys also are challenging Judge Juan Merchan’s “refusal” to recuse himself from the trial and a previous ruling related to how dockets are made publicly.

In a brief two-page filing on Wednesday, Trump’s lawyers alleged the judge exceeded his authority in those rulings and have asked the appeals court to hold a hearing on May 6.

The court filing posted on the public docket does not indicate that Trump is seeking an emergency hearing before the appeals court to delay the trial in this petition.

Court filings, however, are still loading.

The filings are the latest in a blitz to throw sand in the gears of the trial. Trump’s lawyers earlier this week asked the appeals court to stop the trial over pretrial publicity and the gag order. Both times, the requests to take emergency steps to delay the trial were swiftly denied.

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