The Quiet Hospital Unit and Other Benefits of an Open and Interoperable Communication Platform

Anyone who has been on a hospital ward, whether as clinician, patient, or visitor, has noticed the continual din of beeps and chirps—it can drive you crazy. It’s notable that one of the simple ways Rauland‘s communication system improves the hospital experience is to reduce noise by routing alerts quietly to the person who needs to handle them.

Another key benefit of using Rauland, according to Director of Product Management Joseph DeLisle, is that it checks the content of a call or alert and directs it to the right person. For instance, if the patient is just asking for a pillow, the call goes to a technician instead of a nurse. This relieves the nurses of trivial tasks and lets them “practice at the top of their licenses.”

Michelle Allen, Vice President and General Manager at Rauland, says that the emerging crisis in nurse burnout and resignations is caused partly by having new administrative burdens with inadequate support from IT systems. (She cites other factors as well, such as bigger workloads, sicker patients, and safety concerns.) Hospitals are always deploying new technologies, and these often increase the burden of recording and sharing data unless they are all integrated.

Rauland is an open and highly interoperable platform, using standard communication protocols and publishing APIs that any vendor can use to connect. Ultimately, Allen says, they streamline care team workflows, and allow nurses to provide quality care with less resources. Virtual nursing is also easier with seamless communications.

They also can provide data on patient needs, staffing levels, and staffing response time. Their analytics module can highlight risks, such as for falls, and show where staffing can be changed quickly to meet the current needs of the unit.

Listen to our video interview with DeLisle and Allen from Rauland for more information on the data exchange problems in hospitals, Rauland’s innovation, and their international reach.

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