The Boyz Played “Dares,” And It’s My New Obsession

K-Pop sensation The Boyz stopped by the studio to play a fun game of “Dares” with us!

The five members of K-pop group The Boyz posing together during a photoshoot

BuzzFeed Celeb / Shannon Soule

There were so many great dares that helped us get to know The Boyz better! From revealing their favorite TikTok dance to Hyunjae showing us his best ending fairy pose, and Jacob creating a freestyle rap about what he ate for breakfast.

Five members of The Boyz posing playfully, dressed in casual and stylish outfits against a plain backdrop

BuzzFeed Celeb / Shannon Soule

I loved every moment, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be The Boyz members eating sour candy. They had no idea how sour it was going to be, and I can’t stop giggling at their reactions! Even Kevin started singing “Sour Candy” by Blackpink.

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