TechCentral announces TCS Legends

TechCentral, the publisher of South Africa’s leading business technology podcasts, is thrilled to announce the launch of TCS Legends.

The new show will feature interviews with (and about) some of the leading figures who helped shape South Africa’s technology industry into what it is today.

As the show’s name implies, we’ll be interviewing leading figures who achieved great things in – and for – the tech sector in South Africa.

From PCs to IT services and software to telecoms, TCS Legends features some of the leading figures in the industry over the last 30 years.

With season 1 launching later in February, TCS Legends is a by-invitation-only, editorially driven tech show that builds on TechCentral’s credible, market-leading multimedia productions.

To learn more about TCS Legends, watch the video introduction below to the series by TechCentral’s editor, Duncan McLeod. Details about how to subscribe to the new show are included below the video.

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