TCS+ | How Workday solutions are helping supercharge Adcorp

Adcorp’s Vinolia Singh, left, with Workday South Africa MD Kiv Moodley

Vinolia Singh, chief people officer at JSE-listed workplace solutions provider Adcorp, joins the second episode of a series of interviews about enterprise cloud software provider Workday.

In this TCS+ interview, grouped under the theme of “change makers”, Singh is joined by Kiv Moodley, MD of Workday South Africa, to unpack how the nature of work is changing, especially following the end of the Covid pandemic, but also as a new generation – with very different ideas about the nature of work – joins the workforce.

In the conversation, Singh unpacks several of the trends impacting the future – and nature – of work, and how these trends are affecting Adcorp, and how her role as chief people officer is evolving.

“The world of work has become boundaryless. We have to become more flexible,” she says of employers. “Companies need to become more innovation to acquire the skills they need.”

TCS+ | Kiv Moodley on Workday’s big plans for South Africa

Singh and Moodley tackle key themes around this topic, including:

  • How technology is enabling Adcorp’s business objectives;
  • How Workday’s solutions have allowed Adcorp to deal with challenges such as the skills shortage in South Africa;
  • The reception to these solutions among Adcorp employees; and
  • How the technology has allowed Adcorp to adapt to a rapidly shifting environment.

Don’t miss this insightful interview on the future of work and the role of technology in managing change.

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