Sunoh’s Ambient Clinical Voice Automates Clinician Note Creation

According to Saurabh Singh, VP of Sunoh, the success of ambient clinical voice depends on much more than the accuracy of the recording. Sunoh “checks the boxes” when it comes to meeting the needs of physicians’ workflows and differences.

Sunoh’s solution can take input from many different sources: mobile devices, and laptop or desktop computers. This makes it easy to deploy in different rooms and settings.

At the end of a clinical session, Sunoh generates a structured note tailored to the EHR within 30 to 60 seconds. Note generation is fully automated. The doctor can edit the note manually or using voice detection, and the results are fully integrated into the EHR. (They currently support eClinicalWorks, but are working with other vendors to support more EHRs.)

Sunoh has been trained to handle differences in accents, dialects, and types of articulation. They are even training the product to handle non-English-speaking patients holding the conversation through translators. And they expect to handle more specialties over time.

Finally, they are doing more than recording a conversation: They are offering an intelligent agent that understands context. For instance, Sunoh can detect from the conversation whether a doctor is changing a patient’s medication, and reflect that in the record.

Watch this video for more details about Sunoh’s product, how they improve accuracy, and the advantages of ambient clinical voice.

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