Stage-4 load shedding makes an unwelcome return

Eskom is ramping up load shedding to as high as level 4 as South Africa gets ready for the weekend, when energy demand is typically far lower than during the workweek.

Eskom said on Friday afternoon that stage-3 power cuts will be imposed from 4pm, with the intensity set to vary between stages 3 and 4 for the rest of the weekend.

Blaming “further setbacks resulting in the shutdown of six generating units as well as the delay in returning three generating units to service”, Eskom said stage-4 cuts will be imposed from 4pm on Saturday.

“This pattern of stage-3 … and stage-4 load shedding will continue until Sunday, when Eskom will share a further update for the week ahead.”

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Unplanned outages have risen to 15.6GW of generating capacity, while plant currently being maintained is at 7.8GW.

“Eskom power station GMs and their teams are working tirelessly to ensure that 1 960MW of generating capacity is returned to service by Monday evening,” Eskom said.  – © 2024 NewsCentral Media

AI-generated summary of this article

  • Eskom announces stage-3 and stage-4 load shedding for the weekend due to plant breakdowns and delays.
  • Eskom teams work to restore 1 960MW of generating capacity by Monday evening.

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