Sintrex: enhancing digital visibility with ThousandEyes

Businesses rely heavily on complex IT infrastructures to support their operations. Managing these infrastructures efficiently and effectively requires specialised expertise, time and resources that many entities lack.

That’s where an infrastructure management partner becomes invaluable. By partnering with a trusted provider, businesses can benefit from access to skilled professionals who specialise in monitoring, maintaining and optimising IT environments.

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Sintrex, an infrastructure management business based in South Africa, is such a partner. “We are passionate about the innovative pursuit of excellence in providing end-to-end IT solutions and services,” says Emile Biagio, CEO of Sintrex.

Biagio says Sintrex specialises in visibility solutions, collaborating with partners such as ThousandEyes to enrich the digital experience for its clients.

“Our journey with ThousandEyes began nearly two years ago when we observed a gap in our customers’ operational capabilities, particularly in rapidly evolving enterprise environments.”

Sintrex recognised that although ThousandEyes offered a user-friendly interface and configurable platform, many larger enterprise customers needed help deploying and maintaining it effectively. “To address this, we introduced a Synthetic Testing Service (STS), leveraging a pool of highly skilled resources to handle deployment, configuration and day-to-day operations of ThousandEyes.”

STS, says Biagio, became a valuable addition to Sintrex’s offerings, allowing the company to deliver state-of-the-art technology to its customers and streamline their digital operations.

Helping financial services customers

For instance, one of its clients, a prominent financial services group with seven million customers and 35 000 internal users, urgently needed digital business assurance across its extensive network infrastructure.

“We addressed this challenge with a project involving the creation of over 40 dashboards, consolidating data from a range of sources, with ThousandEyes at the core. The primary goal was to monitor key metrics of specific services for the firm, to ensure the health and reliability of its network operations.”

To date, the ongoing project has shown exceptional results, with excellent feedback from key stakeholders at the customer, Biagio adds.

An award-winning solution

Another example of how ThousandEyes has proven its value is when it had a customer who reported reducing root cause identification time from hours to just two minutes with ThousandEyes. These success stories underscore the significant impact ThousandEyes has had on its customers’ operational efficiency and digital experience.

“Our customers view us as a trusted partner thanks to our dedication to exceptional monitoring and proactive problem-solving,” he explains. “Underscoring our commitment to excellence, our innovative integration with ThousandEyes was recently recognised when we scooped the prestigious ThousandEyes Digital Business Assurance Partner of the Year Emea 2024 award.”

Proactive IT monitoring

In addition, the recent outage of Microsoft Teams and Outlook, on 14 March 2024, shone the spotlight on the importance of proactive IT monitoring. Sintrex clients utilising our STS powered by ThousandEyes were able to navigate the disruption effectively.

In a nutshell, at 12.35pm SAST, performance degradation was detected, impacting users across various internet service providers and organisations. Within minutes, our monitoring system identified the root cause, which turned out to be a shift in Microsoft;s network traffic routing, enabling swift action.

This proactive approach empowers Sintrex and ThousandEyes users to address performance issues before they escalate, ensuring uninterrupted business operations. The benefits include early detection, real-time alerts, root cause analysis, actionable insights and improved resilience through post-outage analysis.

Expanding integration capabilities

When it comes to the integration capabilities of ThousandEyes, with the broader Cisco portfolio and how it can benefit Sintrex’s customers, Biagio sees tremendous potential in integrating ThousandEyes with other Cisco technologies.

“As a software-focused company, we have the programming skills to leverage ThousandEyes APIs and integrate its data into existing business processes. This integration enables us to provide our customers comprehensive visibility across multiple stacks, facilitating faster issue identification, escalation and resolution.”

He says Sintrex has always prioritised actionable insights derived from monitoring data. “While deploying software is essential, we focus on extracting meaningful information and enabling our customers to make informed decisions. Our software-first approach allows us to integrate monitoring data into existing business processes, improving efficiency and driving better outcomes for our clients. In short, this strategic perspective aligns well with the evolving needs of modern enterprises.”

Collaboration is key

Biagio says it was also important to ensure successful collaboration between Sintrex and ThousandEyes, as this is key to the success of the partnership. “We work closely with ThousandEyes, which provides support in sales, marketing and technical solutions. By nurturing this relationship and leveraging its capabilities, we are able to deliver value to our customers efficiently.”

In ending, he encourages businesses to trust Sintrex and ThousandEyes to keep improving their visibility and enriching their digital experiences. “By partnering with Sintrex, you gain not only industry-leading technology but also a team dedicated to keeping your business running smoothly.”

Sintrex develops innovative IT infrastructure management solutions that link the availability and performance of underlying IT infrastructures to business services and processes. Since its establishment in 1999, Sintrex has, through its local development of an integrated suite of leading software products and services, become a pioneer in the concept of business-focused IT infrastructure management.

Within its first five years of trading, Sintrex achieved stability and growth in the South African market, and now frequently competes with international competitors for local business. The number of companies using Sintrex’s management solutions has grown considerably, and Sintrex is now seen as one of (if not the top) IT management solutions companies in South Africa.

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