Popular doorbell camera brands contain security flaws, making them easy to hack: Report 


Popular doorbell camera brands contain security flaws, making them easy to hack: Report 

The Eken V5 smart wireless WiFi visual doorbell 720P PIR video phone security camera, along with other models, are shown on display at CES International, Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

Some video doorbells sold by companies like Walmart and Amazon have security flaws that allow them to be easily hacked, a recent report from Consumer Reports said.

The report, released Wednesday, found that video doorbells that seemed to be made by the same manufacture and sold under different brand names including Fishbot, Eken and Tuck, can be taken over by someone who can physically access them, create an account on a smartphone app owned by Eken, visit someone’s home, hold down a doorbell button and put it into pairing mode. 

Following those actions, someone could link the doorbell with a Wi-Fi hotspot and take over the doorbell, making them the “‘owner’” of the doorbell and now having the ability to see those who arrive and those who leave, according to Consumer Reports.

The original owner of the doorbell can regain control of the doorbell, but once someone has the serial number, they can still have access to images via the video feed, according to the report. 

Consumer Reports said they found the doorbells sold on websites for companies like Walmart, Amazon, Temu, Sears and Shein. Temu told Consumer Reports in an emailed statement that it had taken all the doorbells made by Eken and using its app off its website, but Consumer Reports said it still found “similar-looking” doorbells on the site. 

Walmart said it expects products in its marketplace “to be safe, reliable and compliant with our standards and all legal requirements. Items that are identified to not meet these standards or requirements will be promptly removed from the website and remain blocked,” in an email to Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports also said it has shared its findings with the Federal Trade Commission.

The Hill has reached out to Walmart, Temu, Sears, Shein, Amazon and Eken.



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