Netstar to harness its fleet data in cloud deal with Microsoft

Netstar’s Cliff de Wit

Altron Group-owned telematics and vehicle tracking specialist Netstar has announced a “strategic collaboration” with Microsoft aimed at “harnessing” its “vast pool of data” from the South African company’s 1.9 million connected devices.

As part of the collaboration, Netstar “seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Connected Fleets Architecture, hosting all services in the secure and scalable Microsoft cloud”.

“Leveraging various Microsoft services on Microsoft Azure, Netstar aligns itself with the evolving landscape of connected vehicles, where the demand for integration and data-driven decision-making is rapidly rising,” it explained, saying the move will allow it to expand its market offerings and improve customer service, too.

“The ever-growing connectivity of fleets presents a valuable opportunity to harness the power of data for informed decision-making. The collaboration between Netstar and Microsoft addresses this need, emphasising the importance of standardisation and consistency in the evolving landscape of connected fleet architecture,” Netstar said.

“Our integration with Microsoft and other key collaborators is dedicated to setting standards for connected fleet architecture,” said Netstar executive for technology Cliff de Wit in a statement.

“Our engineers have collaborated closely with Microsoft and its partners to showcase [the solution] at the 2024 CES event how our internet-of-things systems seamlessly integrate into the reference architecture, allowing for the visualisation of high-volume telematics data and empowering businesses with data-driven insights,” said De Wit. CES, previously known as the Consumer Electronics Show, took place in Las Vegas in the US earlier this month.  — © 2024 NewsCentral Media

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