Nabla Ambient Clinical Voice Demo at HIMSS

It’s no secret that ambient clinical voice is one of our favorite topics here at Healthcare IT Today.  We clearly believe that it’s going to be one of the most impactful technologies to be implemented in healthcare.  As a doctor friend recently told me, “It’s the most useful single piece of IT technology I’ve seen in a long time from the doctor’s perspective.”

That’s why at the HIMSS annual conference, I was excited to check out a demo of the Nabla ambient clinical voice solution which we captured on the video below for all to see their technology in action. Dr. Ed Lee, Chief Medical Officer at Nabla acted as the doctor in this patient visit demo and Laurent Landowski, Chief Product Officer at Nabla acted as the patient.

In the demo, you’ll see how Nabla works in real time to capture the engagement between doctor and patient in a simulated patient visit.  What’s really impressive is that this was done on a busy and loud show floor while still performing well.  Plus, you’ll see how shortly after the visit with the patient is done, Nabla quickly creates the full clinical note for the doctor.

The demo also shows a unique ambient clinical voice feature called Magic Edit where Nabla allows the doctor to ask Nabla to add more detail to a section of the note, make the note more concise, or to include or exclude information in the note.  They also showed some ways that they can personalize the note creation to the specific doctor so it meets their specific needs and style.

One other great feature they demo in this video is what they call Dot Phrases.  These are essentially short phrases that the doctor can say during the exam which Nabla will recognize and insert expanded content in the note.  Check out the demo to see what I mean.  Plus, they also demo how Nabla can create a patient friendly summary from the note.

Check out the video below to see a demo of Nabla automatically creating a clinical note after ambiently listening to the clinical visit.  Plus, if you want to test it yourself, just visit Nabla to get access to a free live demo.  The free demo is great because no credit card or salesperson is needed to get access to it.  Just sign up and tree it free!

Learn more about Nabla:

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