Musk says he may endorse a candidate ‘in final stretch’ of 2024

Billionaire tech and media mogul Elon Musk says it is possible he will endorse a candidate for president before this fall’s general election, but he does not anticipate giving any money to either President Biden or former President Trump.

“I may, in the final stretch, endorse a candidate, but I don’t know yet,” Musk told former CNN anchor Don Lemon as part of an interview the pundit published Monday. “I want to make a considered decision before the election, and if I do decide to endorse a candidate, then I will explain exactly why.”

Earlier during their conversation, Lemon pressed Musk on reports he had met with Trump recently in Florida and asked him directly if the former president had asked him for money.

Musk said he did not, and added, “Let’s just say he did most of the talking,” when Lemon asked what the two men spoke about.

Lemon asked Musk, one of the richest people in the world, if he plans to give money to either Trump or Biden.

“While I’ll voice my opinion, I don’t want to, you know, put a thumb on the scale monetarily that is significant,” Musk said.

He said is not leaning toward either candidate but did say he was “leaning away from Biden,” with a laugh.

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