MediQuant Aims at “One Patient, One Record”

MediQuant has been providing health data management and active archiving since 1999. In this video, CEO Jim Jacobs describes how they seek “one patient, one record” so that providers have complete and accurate data for the patients they serve.

In addition to fulfilling organizational needs such as compliance and enhanced patient care, Jacobs believes that preserving data from legacy systems has wide-reaching benefits. For instance, one customer is using AI to process ten years’ worth of data to prove that a denial of treatment was unwarranted.

But providers struggle because many have more than a thousand systems holding data, and find themselves with even more redundant systems after mergers or acquisitions. Decommissioning systems is a complex task, while systems that are overlooked are at risk of breaches.

All of these are reasons why it is so important for healthcare organizations to have a well thought out strategy for decommissioning their legacy systems.  How can they preserve the data without the software licensing costs and associated security risks?  How can they make the data in these systems available to their organization?  The answer to that is a well-designed application rationalization and archiving strategy.

Watch the video for more insights on the use of archives, protocols such as SMART-on-FHIR, and lessons learned working with legacy applications at MediQuant.

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