Kelly Oubre Jr. curses at officials following no-call on final play, referees later admit missed call

Who would have thought James Harden getting booed by Philadelphia fans wouldn’t crack the top three things being talked about after this game?

Harden and the Clippers came to Philadelphia, and the final seconds ended in controversy. Kelly Oubre Jr. will see a healthy fine (and maybe coach Nick Nurse as well). It all starts with Kawhi Leonard making a series of clutch plays — bringing back nightmares to Sixers fans who remember his play in big moments all too well. (Philly coach Nick Nurse wanted a foul on that block.)

The blocked shot was ruled as trapped between the glass and the rim — a wedgie — leading to a tip at center court, which gave Kelly Oubre one last chance to drive and win the game. He did not get the call and both he and Nurse were livid.

Oubre appears to point at each of the referees and call them “b****,” among some other choice phrases — that is going to earn him a massive fine from the league. It was an all-time meltdown. After the game, Oubre owned up to that, saying he got caught up in the heat of the moment and would accept whatever punishment the league handed down. However, Oubre would not back down from saying he was fouled on that last play.

Oubre was right, he was fouled. In a postgame pool report, Crew Chief Kevin Scott admitted as much, saying Paul George should have been called.

“On the last play on the floor, in real time the crew interpreted that play as the defender jumping vertically. However, in postgame video review we did observe some slight drift to his left by the defender George, and a foul should have been ruled.”

Being right isn’t going to save Oubre much money, nor is it going to lead to the end of the game being replayed so Oubre can get a couple of free throws to win it. Instead, it will go down as a tough 76ers loss (and a win the Clippers needed).