Kaley Cuoco Was “So Angry” By A Passenger’s Request When Flying With Her Baby For The First Time

Kaley has shared several special moments about life as a new mom on her Instagram this past year. However, she recently opened up about an experience that left her “so angry” while flying with her newborn over the holidays.

On Monday, Kaley was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! while promoting her new Amazon Prime Video film Role Play. While chatting with Jimmy, she shared the plane story which occurred around Thanksgiving.

“I was so terrified,” she said of flying with her baby for the first time. “So I thought, ‘What do we do?’ We have to bring her sound machine on the plane. It’s the only thing she can go to sleep to.”

“We’re having one of those flights that you hear that other people have, and you’re like, ‘Oh, that sucks for them.’ It actually happened to us,” she continued, noting they successfully got Matilda to stop crying and fall asleep by putting the sound machine next to her ear.

However, Kaley says she was then approached by a flight attendant with a request from another passenger to turn off the sound machine. “I couldn’t believe, by the way, she asked us to turn it off. Can you believe that?” Kaley said of the passenger, indicating the request wasn’t well received by her husband either.

Saying she and Tom “were so angry” by the request, Kaley then noted that, once the plane landed, Matilda was awake and all cheery. She said the passenger who made the request turned to them and said, “Oh, so your daughter does know how to smile.”

“It was in that moment where I understood why women end up on Dateline,” she said, before later adding, “I could have thrown that woman off the plane.”

Fortunately, it seems Kaley was able to shake off much of the unfortunate encounter as she said at the top of her interview that motherhood is “incredible”…save for the judgements, of course. You can watch her full interview with Jimmy Kimmel below:

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