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Coming Monday on TechCentral TCS Legends Mike LawrieTechCentral is excited to announce that Mike Lawrie, a pioneer of the early internet in South Africa, will be the featured guest on the next episode of the popular TCS Legends video podcast series.

Lawrie played an instrumental role in bringing the internet to South Africa, a story that was covered in wonderful detail in this recent feature article by Julienne du Toit.

In the next episode of TCS Legends, which will be published after the Easter holidays – on Monday, 8 April – Lawrie shares delightful stories with TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod about his career and his time at Rhodes.

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These include anecdotes about his equally pioneering colleagues, including academics he worked with to bring inter-university e-mail to South Africa and later the very first internet connection to South Africa.

TCS Legends launched in February to a great reception. The new show, which features interviews with (and about) some of the leading figures who helped shape and define South Africa’s technology industry into what it is today, is a must-watch for anyone interested in tech in South Africa and a look back at the leaders who built the local industry.

The show, the latest from TechCentral — the home of real technology journalism in South Africa – showcases people who achieved great things in (and for) the local tech sector.

Watch the two clips above for a brief glimpse of the TCS Legends interview with Lawrie, a true legend in South Africa’s tech landscape.

Episodes 1 and 2 of TCS Legends featured well-known investor and businessman Duarte da Silva, who reminisced about some of the business leaders that helped build South Africa’s tech industry. Episode 3, featuring Hein Engelbrecht and Carlos Vizcarra, turned the focus to the late Mustek founder David Kan.

TCS Legends is a by-invitation-only, editorially driven tech show that builds on TechCentral’s credible, market-leading podcast productions. Episode 4 with Mike Lawrie airs on Monday, 8 April — details to subscribe for free are included below.

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