Health2047 Portfolio Company HEAL Security Launches from Stealth with $4.6 Million Raised

The Platform Offers Comprehensive, Tailored Threat Intelligence and Risk Assessment, Empowering Hospitals and Health Systems to Protect Patient Data with Precision

Health2047, a Silicon Valley-based venture studio founded by the American Medical Association (AMA), today announced its investment in and launch from stealth of portfolio company HEAL Security, a cognitive cybersecurity intelligence platform custom-designed for the healthcare sector. To date, Health2047 has invested $2.3 million in HEAL Security, with additional co-investor funding bringing its total pre-seed investment to $4.6 million.

In the first quarter of 2023, hospitals and health systems were the number one target of cybersecurity threats due to the large amount of valuable patient information their electronic health records (EHRs) possess. Not only is patient information at risk, but breaches have a ripple-down effect and can cause systems to shut down completely. As healthcare becomes more digitized and data is further dispersed between different stakeholders, hospitals, health systems, and EHRs, the industry is at a heightened risk of attack and requires more secure solutions. HEAL Security’s platform is the healthcare industry’s shield, offering real-time, tailored cyber threat intelligence that empowers health systems to proactively safeguard business-critical data, systems, and personnel.

By providing real-time, actionable insights, HEAL Security equips healthcare providers with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of the digital age, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of patient data against a backdrop of ever-evolving cyber threats. The company was founded in 2021 in response to the growing number of cyber attacks on the healthcare industry and stands out as the sole cyber intelligence entity exclusively devoted to healthcare. It launches out of stealth with its flagship solution, HEAL Security Desktop, a cohesive platform that consolidates the latest data, insights, and assessments of the global healthcare cybersecurity landscape into a dashboard, enabling customers to evaluate and take action against cyber threats and risks.

“Cybersecurity data sprawl has historically left hospital leaders navigating a labyrinth to assess and gather a true understanding of their risk of breach,” said Charles Aunger, Founder and CEO at HEAL Security. “Our platform synthesizes, aggregates, and contextualizes this data, offering clarity and actionable strategies. Health2047’s investment empowers us to provide the healthcare sector with the requisite arsenal to safeguard patient data and continuity of care.”

“The economic toll of data breaches on healthcare in recent years is nothing short of astronomical,” says Lawrence K. Cohen, CEO at Health2047. “The sector has experienced nearly $7.8 billion in losses due to breaches since 2016. The threat is so pervasive that some institutions are having to revert to paper records, setting back healthcare’s digital evolution and making it harder for physicians to perform their duties. Our investment in HEAL Security underscores Health2047’s commitment to building solutions that tackle these issues at the system level for the good of physicians and patients.”

The addition of HEAL Security to Health2047’s investment portfolio aligns with its mission to nurture transformative healthcare startups. Other notable ventures include Evidium, HOPPR, Medcurio, Phenomix Sciences, ScholarRx, SiteBridge Research, and Zing Health. Explore Health2047’s portfolio by visiting

About Health2047

Health2047 is a Silicon Valley venture studio powered by the American Medical Association. Health2047 is transforming healthcare at the system level, seeking powerful ideas, industry partners, and entrepreneurs to address systemic transformation in the areas of data, chronic disease, and productivity. Health2047’s deep relationships with both the AMA and its network of strategic partners create a unique force multiplier that helps drive informed, large-scale change in healthcare. For more information, please visit

About HEAL Security

HEAL Security is transforming the landscape of healthcare cybersecurity worldwide. The company’s powered platform provides critical information to healthcare leaders and cybersecurity professionals, helping them protect vital data, infrastructure, and staff. With a central dashboard that offers real-time, actionable insights from a vast array of data points, HEAL Security grants a comprehensive perspective, enabling prompt and knowledgeable decision-making and allowing healthcare providers to concentrate on their fundamental goal of delivering patient care. To learn more, please visit

Originally announced January 24th, 2024

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