Envision Radiology Setting a Fast Pace for Interoperability with DataFirst

Envision Radiology wanted more control over how healthcare information was shared so they could focus on delivering outstanding patient experience and outcomes. With DataFirst’s Silverback platform and close partnership, they achieved their goal. Here’s how.

At the 2023 Annual RSNA Conference (RSNA23), Healthcare IT Today arranged for an exclusive interview with Beau Jones, President & CEO at DataFirst and Jeff Emery, CIO/CTO at Envision Radiology to learn more about their deep collaboration.

Sharing Imaging Information

Envision Radiology offers medical diagnostic imaging services including MRIs, CAT scans, X-rays and more through seven imaging centers in Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. Their team is committed to providing “warm and enjoyable” medical services through the latest imaging technology with the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

According to Emery, in order to achieve the last part of their mission, the fastest turn-around times for results in the industry, Envision needed to “have control over our DICOM layer which includes the routing, the morphing, and the syntax.” Only with this level of control could Envision connect with their healthcare partners and share imaging information quickly.

Rapid and Flexible Interoperability

Silverback is an enterprise-grade imaging interoperability, integration, and workflow solution that helps healthcare organizations easily connect/manage the inflow and outflow of images. What sets the solution apart is how rapidly it can be connected to different vendors and partners that an organization needs to share imaging information with.

“We have seen our partners go through mergers and splits,” explained Emery. “We work with different radiology groups, remote radiology groups, and local radiology groups. Each have their own unique way of sharing information. There is no one-size fits all.”

With DataFirst’s Silverback platform, Emery and the team at Envision are able to on-board partners faster than ever before. The platform also allows them to quickly adapt to changes in those data connections.

More than Just Technology

Envision chose Silverback not just based on the strength of the technology but because of the supporting team of experts that came with it.

“Technology, like a race car, is fantastic, but just having the best tech will not win you the race,” said Jones. “You need a team of experts surrounding you and supporting you to get the best out of the technology. That’s what we do at DataFirst. We have the best technology and we pair it with a team who walks beside our customers to tune the platform so it performs the way they need it to.”

“We are innovators,” added Emery. “We like to see innovation in our partners and that is why we chose DataFirst. Their platform allows us to have control over our environment rather than the environment controlling us. We wanted a partner that was willing to sit with us and help us in the trenches to get the job done. DataFirst gets it and they really understand what it means to be a partner.”

True Partnership

Jones races his hand-built Ginetta car in the Ginetta GT Racing series, so he knows how the car + driver + pit crew need to be completely in-synch with each other. All three need to constantly provide feedback so that adjustments can be made to the changing conditions.

That is exactly how Silverback + Envision + DataFirst work together.

“Like in racing, Jeff and the entire Envision team have pushed the boundaries of what our product is capable of doing,” stated Jones. “They have asked for things that the product didn’t do, but when we looked at it, it made a lot of sense to add it into the platform. They and all of our customers have made us a better company.”

“We have a solid team at Envision Radiology,” said Emery. “DataFirst also has a solid team. Together we are brothers in arms.”

The collaborative efforts of Envision Radiology and DataFirst showcase the power of innovative partnerships in driving positive change. With a shared commitment to patient-focused solutions, they are operating like a well-oiled machine that is moving at the pace demanded by the healthcare industry.

Watch the interview with Jeff Emery and Beau Jones to learn:

  • What a “deconstructed PACS” is and why it is central to the Silverback platform
  • How patient-centricity is baked into the workflows at Envison Radiology and enabled through Silverback
  • The latest interoperability challenges faced by radiology organizations

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