DStv prices hiked for 2024 – all the details

MultiChoice South Africa has announced its price adjustments for 2024, with increases higher than in recent years – although the broadcaster said the adjustments are “fair” given the added value on offer.

CEO Marc Jury told TechCentral in an interview on Monday that the company is also guaranteeing that customers won’t pay more than they are now for the next 24 months – provided they agree to be locked into a contract for that period. There are no additional fees, such as the decoder access fee, but only for those who elect to sign the 24-month agreement.

For those not taking advantage of the “price lock”, the annual price increases, which take effect on 1 April, are:

  • DStv Premium: R929 (5.7% increase, from R879 previously)
  • DStv Compact Plus: R619 (4.5% increase, from R579 previously)
  • DStv Compact: R469 (4.5% increase, from R449 previously)
  • DStv Family: R329 (3.1% increase, from R319 previously)
  • DStv Access: R139 (7.8% increase, from R129 previously)
  • DStv EasyView: R29 (no change)

Jury encouraged consumers to take advantage of the “price lock” discounts to avoid any price increases or additional fees over the next 24 months.

“Given that we understand consumer spending is under more pressure than it has been for quite some time, this is a big part of our communication this year … especially as we have renewed the English Premier League, the Champions League and LaLiga, and have extended [our agreement] with SA Rugby. Premium customers will continue to have all the best sport.”

The price lock means DStv Premium customers will continue to pay R879/month for 24 months, and the “access fee” of R120/month normally payable will be included in that price, too. After 1 April, however the “price lock” price will increase to R899 – again, with no additional fees – provided a 24-month contract is signed. Showmax will continue to be available as a free value-add to Premium subscribers, said Jury.

No changes will be made to pricing for the new DStv Stream internet streaming packages launched last year. These plans offer access over broadband internet lines only, and not via the traditional satellite delivery platform.

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Jury said this is because the DStv Stream product is still fairly new in the market and a price increase “is not warranted”. He said there has been good take-up of DStv Stream since its launch in mid-2023, but it remains a small fraction of the overall subscriber base — for now.  – © 2024 NewsCentral Media

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