Dr. Craig Joseph Introduces Designing for Health

There are many books about design, but a recent book by Craig Joseph, MD and Jerome Pagani, Designing for Health: The Human-Centered Approach, applies design principles to EHRs and to IT systems in general. In this video, Dr. Joseph, chief medical officer at Nordic, explains some of the experiences and achievements that lay behind the book.

His principles include recognizing the importance of design (instead of letting systems evolve haphazardly), bringing “people who do the work day in day out” into the design process from the start, using nudges and defaults to facilitate making the most common choices (“Making it Easy to Do the Right Thing”), and explaining the clinical principles or institutional requirements behind choices (“design transparency”).

This book should help establish the right “mindset’ and “culture” for better IT in health. Watch the video for details and some good stories.

Learn more about Nordic:

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