Crawford lauds Steph’s NBA All-Star Game ‘shake and bake’ move

Crawford lauds Steph’s NBA All-Star Game ‘shake and bake’ move originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Steph Curry can do so much more than score improbable 3-pointers to win over crowds.

During the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday in Indianapolis, the Warriors guard left Jamal Crawford amazed after Curry dared to recreate one of the ex-NBA player’s signature moves: the shake and bake.

Speaking to Warriors forward Draymond Green and crew on TNT’s alternate broadcast of the All-Star Game, Crawford gave Golden State’s star his flowers for the quality of the move, while calling on the Warriors teammate for an explanation.

“That was beautiful,” Crawford said. “My mouth dropped open when he did it. The fact that the shake and bake made its way into the All-Star Game … was beautiful.

“And Steph is so cold, he did it with a floater. Draymond, my question is, did you tell him to do that move?”

To which Green quickly responded with praise for Curry and a funny anecdote of his own.

“I did not,” Green responded. “But you know [that] Steph [is] creative.That’s the beauty in Steph. I did not tell him to do it.

“But what I did tell him to do was to go get MVP, and he failed me.”

In his 10th All-Star Game, Curry finished with 16 points and four 3-pointers under his belt, but one can argue no bucket made as much noise as his rendition of Crawford’s shake and bake in the paint.

And that serves as a reminder that as long as Curry is behind the ball, it’s must-see basketball.

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