Cole Sprouse Says He Doesn’t Remember “Too Much” From Filming “The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody”

Cole Sprouse Says He Doesn’t Remember “Too Much” From Filming “The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody”

He was 12 when the show premiered…

Cole Sprouse spent over three years filming The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, but on a recent podcast, he admitted he doesn’t remember “much” from those days.

Cole made the comments while addressing his former costar Kim Rhodes’s remarks about him. Last year, on the Back to the Best podcast, Kim — who played his and his brother Dylan’s mom on Suite Life — opened up about their professional behavior on set even as kids and shared how Dylan once refused to read a scripted fat joke about her.

She said, “I got pregnant when I was on the show, and of course the show dealt with it by making fat jokes. One of my favorite memories is that Dylan had a line that was a fat joke, and he kept skipping over it.”

“It was in the middle of a chunk of dialogue, so he kept skipping this laugh line and skipping it, and skipping it, and skipping it,” she continued. “Finally, we get in front of the studio audience, and he skips it, and the executive producer screams: ‘Cut!’”

Kim said the producer then told Dylan to say the line, to no avail. “He goes: ‘I would not disrespect any woman that way, let alone this woman. You write something funny, and I’ll say it.’”

When Entertainment Tonight caught up with Cole and asked about the moment, he said he’d heard about it but honestly doesn’t remember a whole lot from those days.

“Yeah, I mean, honestly a lot of the cast and crew I still talk to from Suite Life. I think when you spend eight years with a crew inside a soundstage, it’s kind of inevitable you guys become a little bit of a family,” he explained. “That’s very nice of her to say that.”

But, Cole said, “If I’m being fully honest, when you shoot that many episodes of a show, they kind of all blend together as one big amorphous memory. So, I don’t really remember too much of that period.”

He added, “The specific details are kind of lost. It was a different time. I love Kim. I’m glad to hear that she looks back on all that fun.”

If you ask me about anything I did at 12, I know nothing about it either!