Brian Austin Green Reacted To Chelsea From “Love Is Blind” Comparing Herself To Megan Fox

Brian Austin Green Reacted To Chelsea From “Love Is Blind” Comparing Herself To Megan Fox

In the pods, Chelsea told Jimmy that she hears “all the time” that she looks like Megan, only for him to find that she “lied” once they were revealed to each other.

One of the biggest talking points of Love Is Blind Season 6 has been Chelsea Blackwell comparing herself to Megan Fox. Hands down.

On a pod date with Jimmy Presnell, Chelsea said she constantly hears she looks like the Transformers star.

Although she admitted she didn’t see it, Jimmy was visibly excited by the confession. Some viewers even thought it was a determining factor in why he chose her, only for him to find out, in his words, that Chelsea had “lied” once they finally got to see each other outside the pods.

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As you can imagine, the whole thing went super viral — to the point that Megan’s ex Brian Austin Green even heard about it.

“What a pickle,” he told TMZ of the backlash that Chelsea received online.

When he was asked if fans were taking it “too far” in their criticism of Chelsea, Brian replied, “I think it’s tough.”

“I think the reality is people say that all the time. They say, ‘Oh, you know, I run into people all the time and say I look like Owen Wilson,’ you know,” he said. “You have those people. So, she may have gotten that from a lot of people. Who knows? On certain days, when her hair was done a certain way, eye makeup is done a certain way. I mean, you live and learn. That’s probably not the best thing to say on a show called Love Is Blind. It seems like you’re opening yourself up to criticism.”

Last month, Chelsea told Entertainment Tonight that she had personally contacted Megan to apologize after the backlash. “I did reach out to her, and I was like, ‘I’m so sorry I did this to you,'” she shared, adding that she was still “waiting for Megan to respond.”

But Brian doesn’t think an apology is necessary. “I think Megan would be flattered,” he admitted. “I don’t think Chelsea needs to reach out and apologize to anyone. You know, she wasn’t saying it about herself. She was saying other people have said it. So, again, live and learn.”

He was also asked if he thought there was any kind of similarity between Chelsea and Megan. He said that was a “tough comparison” to make. “Megan is a very one-of-a-kind beauty. It’s why a lot of people say she’s possibly the most beautiful woman in the world,” he explained. “She has a very incredible look to her. So, that’s a tough comparison for anyone to make.” Brian said he would just tell Chelsea, “Stay in your lane, Chelsea. Keep your head up. Don’t listen to anybody else. Be proud of yourself and move on. This will die soon. I promise, this will die.”

Love Is Blind is streaming now on Netflix.