Automatically Generated Medical Notes, the Way You Would Have Written Them

DeepScribe is dedicated to creating medical notes that are not just accurate, but have a human feel that reflects the individual physician’s style. Matthew Ko, cofounder and president, COO, explains in this video how they developed a highly customizable and accurate ambient voice solution.

Ko says that the company “built up one of the world’s largest data set of patient conversations collected around the world” during four years. They also consulted with physicians to create more than 135 customizations that each user can choose from. The company works with each individual user to suggest customizations that will produce notes in the desired style.

Their own, purpose-built LLM is now more accurate than the human scribes they use for comparison. In addition to medical accuracy, they measure the number of edits made by the doctor for style, which they call “subjective accuracy.” After using the tool for about 20 days and applying recommended customizations, doctors find they hardly ever have to change the generated note.

Watch the video for more information on EHR integration, how the ambient voice solution changes the physician/patient interaction, and more.

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