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Apple clarifies how long users can travel outside of the EU before sideloaded apps stop updating – 9to5Mac

iOS 17.4 introduces support for alternative app stores (alternative app marketplaces) in the European Union, in compliance with the Digital Markets Act.

Apple explained earlier this week how these features are made available, based on the Apple ID region and geolocation of the device. It previously said there was a ‘grace period’ in which users could travel outside the EU for a short time and continue using alternative app marketplaces. The company has now clarified exactly how long that is …

Alternative App Store features are available to customers who use an EU Apple ID and are physically located inside the region. If users travel outside of the eligible area, they risk losing access to functionality like the ability to install new alternative app marketplaces. Additionally, in this state, existing apps downloaded from an alternative store can no longer be updated.

In an update to the support document, Apple now specifically says customers have a grace period of 30 days. So if you leave the EU for less than a month, apps downloaded from outside of the Apple App Store will continue to receive updates. 30 days is sufficient for most normal travel and holiday periods, but would naturally be frustrating for people who spend multiple months at a time abroad.

Additionally, the grace period only applies to app updates already installed on your device. You must always physically be in the European Union to install new apps from outside the App Store or download new app marketplaces.

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