A Look at Sunoh’s Ambient Clinical Voice Solutions Including New EHR Integrations

One of the hottest topics in healthcare and particularly at the HIMSS 2024 conference is ambient clinical voice.  We haven’t seen this much universal interest in a health IT product since the government offered $36 billion in stimulus money for EHR software.  However, this feels very different since healthcare organizations are evaluating ambient clinical voice solutions on their merit versus chasing government money.  They’re doing this because the benefits of this technology are so impactful on doctors and patients.

While at the conference, I had a chance to sit down with Saurabh Singh, VP of, and Rakhee Langer, VP of, to learn more about how Sunoh has progressed since we last did an overview video of their solution.  They share with us some interesting perspectives on how ambient listening is changing the healthcare landscape.  Plus, they share some great stories from their end users who are using the product including one where a doctor is able to get home early to their family.  These stories illustrate the impact of this solution.

I also ask Singh to share what sets Sunoh apart from other AI solutions in healthcare.  Plus, we dive into the important topic of EHR integration.  Sunoh had previously announced integration with eClinicalWorks and Epic.  In this interview, Sunoh notes that available APIs with Oracle Health (Cerner) are also integrated.  Singh also shares some more details on how deeply they are integrating with EHR vendors.

We wrap up this video with Langer and Singh offering their thoughts on what’s next when it comes to the evolution of ambient voice in healthcare.  No doubt ambient clinical voice is built upon a number of innovations that have been improved over the years, but it still feels like we’re just at the beginning of what’s going to be possible with ambient clinical voice.

Check out this interview to learn more about Sunoh and its impact on providers and patients.

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