19 Beloved Celebs People Low-Key Think Are Terrible People


“I used to enjoy watching Bill Maher. Now his shows follow the same handful of talking points:

‘Young people are incredibly stupid and shouldn’t have opinions.’

‘Wokeness is a disease.’

‘Bill Maher is the smartest person in the room.’


He makes good points every now and then, but his attitude makes me cringe. He seems to at least be one person that both sides of the aisle can hate, probably for different reasons.”


“I used to be fan, never missed his show. Once COVID hit he did his opening monologues with no audience, and I realized he wasn’t funny, but he stood there laughing at his own jokes.

As time went on (I was going to say progressively, but he’s the inverse of that), he has become more and more conservative. Money has clearly changed him. An ‘I have mine, where’s yours’ attitude.”