Voice-to-Billing Ambient Clinical Voice at Medvise.AI

The ambient voice solution at Medvise.AI focuses on the revenue cycle. According to CEO Gautamdev Chowdary, they have trained their voice-to-text transcription on medical input and made it extremely accurate with full automation. They have also achieved 100% accuracy in billing through a few extra features.

If the conversation did not provide enough information to assign the best ICD or CPT codes, the service asks a few simple questions of the doctor after the visit. The codes can then be assigned and stored in the medical record within 30 seconds.

COO Sean Ross says that a doctor who does not want to take time to review the note can also request a human scribe at Medvise.AI to do the final check. He says that their goal is to “eliminate data entry.”

Many doctors, according to Ross, have used older voice transcription products that work better if the doctor assigns “macros” to represent common strings of text. With Medvise.AI, this is no longer necessary. They allow the doctors to speak naturally and thus take a “cognitive load” off of them.

Watch the video to learn more about how Chowdary and Ross started Medvise.AI, how doctors and hospitals can sign up for it, and more.

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