Travis Kelce Says It’s “Ridiculous” That He Is Credited For Popularizing The Fade

This is a fade.

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You’ve probably noticed that it’s a haircut that Travis Kelce has rocked for years.

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Though recently, he was also credited for popularizing it in a New York Times article, which even dubbed the hairstyle the “Travis Kelce.”

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The piece was about how people have apparently been going into barbershops and requesting fades amid Travis’s blossoming relationship with Taylor Swift — when, in reality, it’s a very classic mens haircut, and has been a favorite within the Black community and others for a minute now.

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Thankfully, Travis knows better because he totally shut down the notion on a new episode of his New Heights podcast.

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“Yeah, can you guys stop telling people that I invented the fade?” he said. “I didn’t, all right. I walked in a barbershop one day, didn’t even know what I was getting. I didn’t invent the fade.”

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You can see his comments around the 22 minute mark.

He also called the idea that he created the fade “ridiculous” at a later press conference.

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“It’s absolutely ridiculous. And to do it on February 1, to throw me to the wolves like that,” Travis added. “That was just messed up, man. I don’t want anything to do with that one.”

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