How businesses can transform their work from remote to smart

Vodacom Business - How businesses can transform their work from remote to smartThe world of work has undergone a complete reconstruction in the last few years. Several macro- and microeconomic factors, coupled with a turbulent political environment, have forced businesses of all sizes to shift their focus to building resilience. To achieve this, organisations are having to transform the way they approach three key areas: work, the workplace and workforce.

Technology has played a key role in enabling this transformation of work, creating a road map to improved resilience and making the flexibility, response times and automation needed for resilience a possibility. In fact, in a recent report published by Vodafone, it was found that IT infrastructure and operations along with information/cybersecurity were ranked the top two disciplines involved in achieving operational and organisational resilience.

Essentially, organisations now have an unprecedented opportunity to shape what the future of work looks like, transforming what work, the workplace, and workforce look like to build more resilient, growth enabled, competitive organisations. However, for many, moving from the previously acceptable title of “technologically enabled” to the now necessary status of “fit for future” remains a stumbling block.

For these businesses, Vodacom Business asks you to Turn to Us, to turn problems into possibilities and to unlock the future potential of your business.

The future of work

The biggest shift that has happened when it comes to work is the shift from office work to remote work and now to smart work. The majority of businesses have embraced and now settled into the rhythms of remote work, effectively moving from task-based work and a reliance on local networks and physical engagement to project-based work that relies on optimal Wi-Fi and a defined schedule.

For a business to take the next step in the transformation journey, it needs to leverage advanced technologies, create flexible strategies and adopt data driven approaches. This approach involves a focus on results-based management with a reliance on collaborative technology and shared information, creating space for flexibility and autonomy. This will enable better productivity, collaboration and efficiency in the hybrid working environment.

The tools needed to achieve smart work

The most fundamental tool needed to create a smart work environment is reliable connectivity. It is estimated that if the internet were to go down globally for just 24 hours, it would cost the world economy around $43-billion.

Beyond being a death sentence for productivity, having an unstable or poor internet connection poses a serious risk to data and overall cybersecurity. This is a serious concern for organisations that are struggling to keep up with growing cybercrime and an increasingly dispersed workforce.

With a long history in the telecommunications space, Vodacom is uniquely positioned to offer businesses voice and data connectivity to suit their business needs. Our customisable packages are designed to fit organisations of any size, from e-mail, voice and productivity software right through to 24/7 multiple site access and secure managed services.

This ensures that employees can always access the information they need through the second tool to success, cloud solutions. Cloud and Edge computing are critical aspects of a smart work process. Although they are not seen as driving future innovation, having a functional and secure cloud setup is critical to enabling a seamless smart work environment.

Vodacom’s extensive network heritage allows us to guarantee connectivity to our multicloud solutions while our partnerships with top hyperscalers give us the ability to pass on several benefits in the migration process. Our speed to market, security and support capabilities mean we can remove the complexity from the daunting process of migrating to a multicloud strategy.

Another technology crucial to the transformation of work is Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. IoT technologies can be customised to your need, helping you monitor work outputs, connect employees, manage stock and even manage utilities.

This extensive field of new technologies is helping businesses gain in-depth insights into their business processes and to refine and streamline processes. Vodacom offers a wide range of co-created and bespoke solutions to suit a range of needs. Using these customisable technologies, you can tackle any business challenge, unlocking the potential and power of connected devices.

There is no denying the future of work is a connected one, powered by technology and driven by innovation. However, with all the benefits of increased productivity and visibility, there are still significant challenges that businesses must overcome to keep up with the transformation of work and become fit for the future. If you or your business are struggling to meet the changing demands, Vodacom Business invites you to Turn to Us to transform your problems into profit. For more information, visit our website and request a call-back.